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Augmentez vos revenus en devenant chauffeur VTC partenaire


Nous cherchons des partenaires dans le :

Secteur Oise :
un chauffeur pour le secteur Chantilly, Orry, Gouvieux (...)
un chauffeur pour le secteur Creil, Nogent, Verneuil (...)
un chauffeur pour le secteur Beauvais.

Secteur Val d'Oise :

un chauffeur pour le secteur Persan, Isle-Adam, Viarmes (...)
un chauffeur pour le secteur Domont, Enghien, Ermont (...)
un chauffeur pour le secteur Fosses, Survilliers, St-Witz (...)

Secteur La Défense : un chauffeur pour le secteur Nanterre, Courbevoie, La Défense (...)
Secteur Aéroports : un chauffeur pour le secteur Roissy CDG, Orly.

Secteur Somme : un chauffeur pour le secteur Amiens.
Secteur Marne-la-vallée : un chauffeur pour le secteur Chessy, Montévrain, Serris, 
Torcy, Bussy (...) 

 Cliquez ci-dessous pour vous inscrire comme chauffeur partenaire de la nouvelle Appli de transport Framb'Oise.

Pour devenir partenaire, rien de plus simple !

Connectez-vous ci-dessus à la plateforme Mysam Driver, téléchargez l'application et vos documents en ligne (48h pour validation de votre inscription)

Envoyez-nous votre code Chauffeur Mysam, et vous serez automatiquement avisé lors des demandes de réservations via notre App Framb'Oise (selon votre secteur géographique choisi)

Paiement à bord ! Pas de commissions via les réservations Framb'Oise !

À très vite sur la route.

Comment devenir chauffeur VTC ?

  • What does VTC mean?
    The acronym VTC designates Transport Cars with Driver, which belong to the field of passenger transport and which are made available to customers under conditions fixed in advance. The VTC profession offers the opportunity to become your own boss and work in an independent setting while having frequent human interactions with a diverse clientele. Discover different cultures, philosophies of life, places by joining the VTC community!
  • What is the difference between Uber or VTC?
    Whether to become Uber or VTC, you will need the VTC card. The VTC professional card was designed to correspond to the professional status of the passenger transport activity. Becoming a VTC driver does not necessarily imply becoming an Uber driver. Uber is simply a professional platform for VTC drivers who wish to register after their training.
  • Want to become Uber?
    If you want to become an Uber driver, you must be recognized as a professional driver and obtain a second authorization from Uber to use its platform. There are four main steps to becoming an Uber driver: obtain the VTC professional card and register in the VTC register, create a company and register it with the Chamber of Trades, have your vehicle homologated by Uber (it is possible to rent one if you do not have one), and take out RC Pro insurance and RC Circulation insurance. However, you should know that Uber charges a 20% commission on each ride.
  • Do you want to become a VTC Driver?
    To become a VTC driver, you must meet several conditions, including being of legal age, having held a driving license for at least three years (or two years if you have been driving accompanied), having a criminal record free of certain convictions , and pass the VTC exam which allows you to obtain the professional VTC card. If you have already been a professional driver, the conditions for being a VTC are different.
  • How to be accompanied to become a VTC driver?
    Framb'Oise VTC offers personalized support to help you manage your business effectively. It is important to take into account the legal status under which you wish to carry out your activity. You can become a VTC as a freelancer by creating a sole proprietorship or a sole proprietorship. To obtain the VTC professional card, you must pass a mandatory VTC exam. Although it is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended to follow a VTC training to have a chance of passing this exam. Anyone who wants to get into the business of private driver must take the time to learn about all the steps and authorizations necessary to become a VTC driver. The legal status under which you wish to carry out your activity should not be overlooked: you can, for example, become a VTC as an independent by creating a sole proprietorship or a one-person company.
  • What training to become VTC?
    Training to become a VTC driver is not mandatory, however, it is strongly recommended to have a chance of passing the exam. This training lasts between 50 and 300 hours approximately, depending on the training center and location you have chosen. The content of the training is intended to prepare you for the VTC exam. It trains you for theoretical written tests and practical tests.
  • What type of vehicle to choose to become a VTC?
    When it comes to choosing a vehicle to become a VTC, it is important to respect several criteria in order to ensure the safety and comfort of customers. It is necessary to comply with the following rules: The vehicle must have between 4 and 9 seats, including that of the driver. It must have at least 4 doors. The age of the vehicle must not exceed 6 years. It must be equipped with an engine whose net power is greater than or equal to 84 kW. The minimum dimensions of the vehicle must be 4.50 meters by 1.70 meters. In addition, it is mandatory for the VTC to take out insurance, to carry out an annual technical inspection and to hold a B license (or European equivalent) for at least 3 years. It is also important to note that the driving license must not be probationary following a loss of points, for example.

Devenez chauffeur VTC dans l'Oise ou le Val d'Oise

Vous souhaitez être accompagné pour devenir chauffeur VTC ?

N'hésitez à nous contacter, nous répondrons à toutes vos questions.

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