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Taxi avec animaux dans l'Oise et le Val d'Oise

Travel by VTC taxi with your dog or cat

Animal transport is a real job that requires knowledge validated by specific training and transport approval, the activity must be covered by professional insurance. This is why it is important to choose passionate professionals, trained in animal transport. 


N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour un devis, ou une réservation.


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Travel with your pet in Oise or Val d'Oise

The animal taxi, for the transport of your animals, is carried out under optimum quality conditions in a vehicle adapted to hygiene and safety standards.

The journeys can represent a complex ordeal for which it is advisable to multiply the precautions in order to be able to provide an efficient taxi service in the Oise which allows your animal to feel serene during its transport. Our primary objective is to make him feel comfortable in order to reassure him and deliver the best possible human service so that he is not subject to stress. 

Transporting your cat

We take care of your cat safely over short or long distances. Travel serenely with your cat in Uber VTC.


Transporting your dog 

Do you want to be serene knowing that your dog will travel with passionate professionals? Our mission is to ensure the comfort and movement in the rules of your dog in good conditions by emphasizing his safety.

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